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This is the first work term after 2 years’ studying in University of Toronto, Scarborough campus, staring from December 18th, 2019 to August 28th, 2020.
After the job-searching period, involving job searching in CSM and a recommendation from a referee, I was employed by CGI Inc., a world-famous Canadian global information


Solid Microsoft Word, Excel skills demonstrated through writing multiple academic and work projects. Enhanced Excel technics like VLOOKUP, using the macro to accomplish multitask.
• Advanced Java, Python, R programming and SQL designing, and operation skills identified by projects from Software Design course, first-year Computer Science course and second-year Statistics and Computer Science courses.
• Excellent data analyzing skills exhibited by grouping, testing and structuring a large quantity of data in many statistic courses projects
• Comprehensive Researching skills improved by distilling the most impactful information from various materials to accomplish academic projects and conveying the results in the presentation of the courses


Excellent verbal and written communication skills developed by working as a secretary to speak persuasively and listen empathically in Student Council
• Efficient problem-solving skills improved by combining effective working and creative thinking to process a large volume of data and fix bugs in the field of software designing
• Self-motivated attitude to learn new technics and tools benefits to studying and work determined by years of self-learning programming languages
• Excellent time management and teamwork skills established by planning and leading the teammates from School Musical


Sorted the climate data provided by the UTSC weather station and implement the scatterplots related to different types of data based on the calculation of the distribution climate data by Excel
• Attribute and established the Toronto Aging Population Neighbor Map by assigning data from Excel and SQL to the GIS system, for estimating the best 3 Community to set a health center.
• Designed a well-structured database of a DNA sequence by applying Python programming language which provides users to search, merge and evolve old DNA sequence to a new one based on real biological rules
• Structured a Java Project of an Amazon Preference Analyzer which can analyze and complete the categorization of users' preferences
• Established an effective communication platform for student commendations which allows every student in the high school to give advice, ask questions and monitor work process to the student council, got a feedback from the majority of students rating “excellent, beneficial for communication”


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"There was no one near to confuse me, so I was forced to become an original"

Joseph Haydn


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