Work experience in CGI - Work environment Overview

I worked at office for the first 3 months of my work term and switched to work-from-home for the rest of months due to Covid-19 situation. The office environment of CGI Group Inc. ensures that I can develop myself personally and professionally.

"Our comprehensive research concluded that CGI in Canada  provides an outstanding employment environment, and offers a wide range of creative initiatives, from secondary benefits and working conditions, to performance-management programs that are well thought out, and truly aligned with the culture of their company"( David Plink, CEO at the Top Employers Institute.).

The facts which imply the work condition of CGI developed me with privacy are the separate room of office desk and private computer for work distributed by IT services. Meanwhile, the regulated time schedule for each workday and official dress code establish the professionality of my work term. The members in our team also cooperate with each other. For example, a member in our team provides me the most important data for report I distributed weekly and he also need my support to update his report by week, which shows the smooth of the environment of my team.

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